About Us

As Diyojen Group International Logistics and Consultant company, we consult our customers who want to live, work and stay in the USA. Also, the customers who want to start a business and take advantage of the USA’s market volume, we guide them professionally in every aspect of the business. As Diyojen Group we have been performing in this sector for 13 years. We track the footsteps of the improving technology of logistics and increase the number our of trucks with each day.

You can benefit from our International consultancy services in the fields of Corporate tax, Accounting, Financial services, Company opening, Visa Processing, Logistics, Storage, and E-commerce.

Our Mission

In the consulting and the logistics industry, our dynamic and active build presents you a unique service. We are planning to be the leader in our sector as we innovate and improve. Our goal is to be frequently mentioned in this industry and provide professional logistics services. We seize upon being at the right place on time indelible.

Our Vision

Diyojen Group with its innovative and dynamic mindset shows how much of a difference it makes to be the leader of its sector. With the quality of its service and as professionals we are proud of carrying the tittle of being an icon. There is always a happy customer with a successful supporter. With our professional team we provide you an elite consultant service.

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